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Photography is an extension of every thought that I have. – Trent Parke

I love social media.  Where else can you have conversations with people who fire your own imagination to new heights through an ongoing exchange of fresh ideas and innovations?  For years I have watched people online who brought their own thoughts to life through their art, and by sharing their work inspired me to areas of thought I would never have experienced without the exposure to social media.  This has been what has driven and influenced my own work.  I am passionate about art in all its forms.  The one thing that makes being human unique is the ability to experience and enjoy creativity in forms too numerous to mention.

As a child I got that exposure through books, then movies and television.  With the advent of the computer age, there has been a veritable explosion of sharing, at a speed that is mind boggling.  I can’t say mind overload is unique to social media and computers, because even as a young child I would read so much so fast that my eyes would go blurry.  The main difference between past and present is that I am now more keenly aware that there is no way to experience it all.  For someone who loves to see and do new things, this has created anxiety and sadness at times, the fear that I will miss something, the knowing that I do miss so many things.

But juxtaposed against the anxiety and sadness at what I can’t see or do, is the joy I find in everything that I get to experience and learn.  The joy greatly outweighs the negative emotions, and keeps me pushing myself to use my imagination.  The joy that has led me to try to capture my life and thoughts, to share with others, but most especially for my family to have.  I find a lot of comfort in the thought that someday my grandchildren, and their children, will be able to see what I saw, and know me through what I have done.  That is my hope.

It is why I write my thoughts, and put what I see and think on canvas and in photos. It is an extension of me.

Just my thoughts….

…imagine life is good, and it will be… ~cath
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talk the walk

My sisters were walking up a flight of stone steps recently, oblivious to me watching them as they walked upward, heads together, chattering away. It was a gorgeous sunny day in California,and we had stopped at a winery. I watched them talking, noticing how the sunlight danced around them, creating a halo of light around their heads. It was a special moment for me, and I snapped them as they continued to ascend the stairway.

Today is day 28 of NaBloPoMo, and the prompt was ACTION. Although it can be portrayed many ways, I chose to use this photo of my sisters and include a haiku. The action may be more subtle, but the light, the contrast, and their movement is action in any sense of the word. How do you portray action in your photos? 

I used three apps to edit this photo. Snapseed (my #1 app), VSCO cam, and Color Cap for the text. Three more days to go in this month’s challenge to blog daily. It’s been uphill at times, but sometimes it helps to have a goal and routine to help deal with the unknown factors in life that pop up.

…life is full of action… ~cath
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the shell game

Today’s NaBlopomo prompt is “filter me this”. I took this shot of some shells I collected walking on the beach in Jacksonville, Florida recently. This shot was edited on my iPhone with the Photoshop Express app, and also using the Snapseed and Camera+ apps. I love pushing the outside of the envelope with apps. There are many interesting results that are serendipitous by nature, but I am also learning to recognize how to produce certain results purposely. The best advice I can give is learn the basic functions of the apps you are using, then start tweaking them. It will  be fun as well as educational. 🙂

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nablopomo photo day 14 and 15

the road from home, early morning

It’s been a busy, overwhelming kind of week, so I combined the NaBloPoMo photography prompts sun flare (day 14) and black and white (day 15). A picture is worth a thousand words, the saying goes. So these should be good for about 4,000, on a day when I feel more comfortable with a photo than a written word.

Have a good weekend.  Look at the sky and feel the ground beneath your feet. 
my office, early morning sun flare
approaching storm at sundown

view from my office, early morning fog

…the best is yet to come….cath
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day 13: bokeh

Ok, I spent more time reading about people arguing how to pronounce “bokeh” than I did learning how to shoot this style of photography. Then I realized I was running out of time so I downloaded an iPhone app and cheated my way to my version of a bokeh shot. So take it any way you like, since I’ve been up since 3AM and am looking at the back of my eyelids trying to post this before I doze off.

Bokeh is a photo that is partly blurry, the background part. The more circular the lights or colors in the background are, the better. I think. My photo ended up looking like a cut out pasted on a blurred background, but, oh well. I’m finished. 
Have a great day or night, and remember every day is brand new. Isn’t that exciting? 
Addendum: another shot at bokeh. This is one I will have to work on…(sigh)
My sister’s bougainvillea, and her photo, with my editing, using Tadaa, a great app to use…

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my passion

Nothing heavy here today…NaBloPoMo photo prompt day #2 is: Your Passion.

So here it is.  I looked at things related to nursing, photography, art, reading.  All things I am passionate about.  Then I found the perfect photo.  Something I am truly passionate about.

Minions…..and Twinkies….

…laughter is good. ~cathy
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