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finding the glass slipper

It’s been a bummer kind of week.  I have a not fun week coming up next week, and I was mulling it over in my mind this week, and getting kind of cranky in the process.  Then I went to the movies last night with Wretched Daughter, my youngest, and one of my nieces.  We had been planning to see Magic Mike XXL, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The first Magic Mike movie had been ok, but was a bit on the heavy side, taking itself way too seriously.  This second time around it was played lighter, more for laughs, and about ten minutes into the movie we were having a great time.  The script was a good match with the acting, and there were some classic lines in the movie.  There were also 4 women sitting in the row in front of ours, having as good a time as we were.  I think we were all stomping our feet, hollering and dancing to the music at times.

And as I watched the movie, and laughed with the girls around me, I forgot all my worries and just enjoyed the moment.  And what moments those were!  The music was good, the guys were luscious and the best part of the movie was Joe Manganiello’s hunt for the perfect glass slipper.  To find out what that means, you will have to see the movie yourself.  I’m not about to spoil it.  As far as I am concerned, gorgeous Joe stole the show.

When the movie was over, the women in front of us stood up, and the one closest to us said “come on, we are headed to Atlanta to a male review.  We can be there in 2 1/2 hours.”  When the three of us started laughing loudly at her tone and sound of determination, she grinned at us and said “y’all are welcome to go too”.  We were still laughing when we went out the front door on our way home.

Life isn’t perfect, but there is always something good to focus on, and something to make you laugh, if you let yourself find it.

…life is good when you spend it laughing. ~cath
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today’s high will be…

“Middle age is when you’re sitting at home on a Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it isn’t for you.”
Ogden Nash

Stevie Wonder and I made a date several weeks ago to go to the movies to see the Avengers when it was released. Our son Jim took Jack ( the oldest grandson) to see it last night. Said the crowds were horrid.

I hate crowds. SW isn’t crazy about them either, unless it involves a sport and beer. We decided to go in the morning. I figured it would be packed with kids.

Evidently kids don’t get up early anymore. The theater was mostly empty. We talked Wretch into ditching her studies for finals and she came too.

After all, the movie was full of hunks. (Not the theater, the film.) I drooled and moaned at the muscles and beautiful male superheroes Thor and Captain America. Wretch laughed every time I moaned. Iron Man is still my favorite. Sarcasm wins over brawn every time for me.

It was a good day. What else stands out? The conversation SW and I had on our way to the movie. Driving down the road, we were discussing mileage. I mentioned the fact that my car got 40 mpg one time. (I was repeating what I had heard Stevie Wonder say several times in the past about my car.)

Stevie said “any vehicle will get good gas mileage when you drop it out of a tree. We were driving downhill from Sacramento to southern California and THAT was why it got 40 mpg. That ONE time ONLY.”

All I heard was the first part of the remark. I thought he was telling me I was stupid and replied haughtily:

“I don’t drop out of effing trees when I drive.”

His response? He scoffed. And snorked.

The movie was the high point of the day.

It’s Saturday after all, and my brain has the day off.

life is good…
~cath xo
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