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finding the glass slipper

It’s been a bummer kind of week.  I have a not fun week coming up next week, and I was mulling it over in my mind this week, and getting kind of cranky in the process.  Then I went to the movies last night with Wretched Daughter, my youngest, and one of my nieces.  We had been planning to see Magic Mike XXL, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The first Magic Mike movie had been ok, but was a bit on the heavy side, taking itself way too seriously.  This second time around it was played lighter, more for laughs, and about ten minutes into the movie we were having a great time.  The script was a good match with the acting, and there were some classic lines in the movie.  There were also 4 women sitting in the row in front of ours, having as good a time as we were.  I think we were all stomping our feet, hollering and dancing to the music at times.

And as I watched the movie, and laughed with the girls around me, I forgot all my worries and just enjoyed the moment.  And what moments those were!  The music was good, the guys were luscious and the best part of the movie was Joe Manganiello’s hunt for the perfect glass slipper.  To find out what that means, you will have to see the movie yourself.  I’m not about to spoil it.  As far as I am concerned, gorgeous Joe stole the show.

When the movie was over, the women in front of us stood up, and the one closest to us said “come on, we are headed to Atlanta to a male review.  We can be there in 2 1/2 hours.”  When the three of us started laughing loudly at her tone and sound of determination, she grinned at us and said “y’all are welcome to go too”.  We were still laughing when we went out the front door on our way home.

Life isn’t perfect, but there is always something good to focus on, and something to make you laugh, if you let yourself find it.

…life is good when you spend it laughing. ~cath
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happy 65th birthday stevie!

Wretch decided to surprise Stevie Wonder for his birthday on Saturday, September 29th.  No cake, (because he is watching his figure).  But he had to have SOMETHING special.  This was his 65th birthday, after all!  The year he gets to start drawing Medicare!  So she gathered up all the party stuff she could find, including a tacky birthday hat and horn, some streamers, a birthday table centerpiece, a Happy Birthday banner, and a giant cardboard pink flamingo (don’t ask where that came from).  And then, to make sure he was surprised by it, she stuffed in all in the cab of the truck he had just spent a week getting ready for our BIG TRIP.  Front and back seat.  Stuffed.  Full.  
I was up all night, and it was lucky I was, or Wretch and I would have slept through the surprise.  But I was finishing some laundry, and he came out of the bedroom, and dropped his suitcase, fully packed, with a loud plop in the middle of the living room.  To let me know that he was ready at 3 AM just like we had all decided.  Wretch was buried in the bed, and I was one of the walking dead at that point, a zombie on two legs.  But I had my eye on him.  And predictably, as soon as he knew I had seen he was ready, he picked up his bag and headed to the truck.  The truck that was stuffed full of tacky birthday decorations.  
As soon as he went out the door, I ran to the bedroom and screamed at Wretch to “GET UP GET UP!  he’s out at the truck and you are going to miss the surprise!  GET UP!!!”  She raised up slowly, then I could see her come alive.  Probably the fastest she had ever awakened in her life.  (We called her Oscar the Grouch when she was a kid because you didn’t dare approach her until she had been up at least an hour, or she would gripe you to death.)
We ran to the front porch.  Steve was loading his bag.  Then he came back by the truck, and that was when he saw it.  I had the presence of mind to grab my iPhone, and take a video.  Not realizing until after it was all over, that all you could see was headlights, and hear our voices.  And Gabe baying when he heard the party noise.  So turn your volume up, and listen…because you sure won’t see anything. 😀

…life is good. ~cath
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