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favorite places and spaces in my mind

tea time

The prompt for July 3rd that caught my eye at Friday Reflections has had me thinking for days.  How could I pick one favorite place?  There have been so many of them.  I think about all the places I have traveled, the things I have seen and done.  How could I possibly whittle it to one favorite?  Janine Ripper at Reflections From a Redhead described her favorite place so colorfully, I was ready to pack a bag and leave right then.

But picking my favorite place?   It finally dawned on me.  The place that is my favorite of all is….

the grapes of cath

my mind

That’s right.  All the places I have visited, the things I have seen, are all trapped in lovely memories.  They are stored away, like a filing cabinet full of cards and photos, and I can revisit and think about them whenever I want to.  This ability to pull memories and close my eyes and be there is something I have always done.  It is especially helpful right now, at this moment in my life when there is so much going on with so many people in my life that I often wonder what will happen next.

watercolor, pen & ink

Today, I have pulled out a memory of one of those places.  My sister Vicky’s back yard (garden for those of you who don’t call a yard a yard) and one of the most peaceful places I have ever been.  It is a place I can sit quietly, looking at the flowers, birds, bees, and listening to the breeze blowing gently through the trees, stirring the leaves to a soft rustling sound.  It is a place I have painted, photographed and long to be when things are overwhelming.  It is my morning refuge, my favorite place to drink my tea and think about all the vagaries of life.

vix, watering her plants

It is a place I return to at least twice a year…and where I will return once more in October of this year.  Until then, I have my memories, filed away in my mind to pull out and relive over and over whenever I feel a yearning for peace and quiet.

morning in the garden



the perfect rose

 …life is good. ~cath
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caesar’s glory

 {this moment}  A Friday ritual.  Photos – no words – capturing a moment from the week.  A moment in time I want to capture, to savor and remember.

“This Moment” is a ritual I found on Pamanner’s Blog, via Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted from SouleMama.  Check out their blogs, and if you are moved too, please leave a link to your Moment in the comment box below.

…life is good. ~cath  

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requiem for bugs bunny, part deux

I was leaving for work yesterday morning.  As I drove past the neighbor’s house, I saw him. Bugs. Still alive. Somehow he had outsmarted Elmer.  I started laughing as I voice dialed the house on my cell phone.

By the time Stevie Wonder answered, I had my laughter tamped down from shrieks to gurgles. The conversation went like this:

Me: Hey.
Elmer: I’m getting my gun right now.
Me: Why?
Elmer: because I know you are calling to tell me you’ve seen a *%&#@!$ rabbit.
Me: (I’m feeling kind of creeped out, like he read my mind) well, ummm, yes I did.
Elmer: I’m getting my gun and headed out the door right NOW. Bye.
Me: hold it Bub, the rabbit is in the neighbor’s yard.  You can’t stalk Bugs on someone else’s property.  Besides, he was still running the last time I saw him.
Elmer: *%&#@!$ rabbits…why are they in my garden?  (I think this was rhetorical and I don’t think he really expected an answer.)
Me: because they are RABBITS? 
Elmer: (more expletives)
Me: (snorking) have a good day honey! 

…life is good.  And Bugs lives to graze another day…

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requiem for bugs bunny

Just two weeks ago, summer was lush and verdant.  The garden promised bountiful produce that would put a table full of vegetables on our table, as well as a steady supply for many family members and friends.

That was before the drought and heat of June.  It seemed as though our garden turned overnight from a thing of lush green beauty to a thing of dried up tinder.  

We still had some tomatoes though…and Steve prayed for rain on the late beans that had some tender young small beans starting to sprout.  And the rain did start…yesterday.

Then Bugs Bunny arrived. Steve turned from a loving gramps into a stalker of bunny tails…one tail in particular.  He cussed and ranted and I laughed, thinking he wouldn’t bother one little bunny who couldn’t possibly eat what was left of the garden…

Wrong.  Just like Steve believes every snake is a poisonous snake, he gave this rabbit the power of a legendary jackalope.
And turned into Elmer Fudd…with a rifle.  (Remember we live in the country, where carrying a gun in your yard is a natural thing, and using said gun doesn’t even make the neighbors jump.)

As I drove up tonight, I saw Bugs sitting in our yard, and he saw me, and ran to the beans.  I went on inside and told Steve that Bugs was back and doing well, sitting right in the middle of our beans.  I had to jump back out of the way as Steve grabbed his rifle and ran barefoot into our yard (which has more stickers than grass in it), and stalked poor Bugs down and blasted him into the hereafter.

Bless you Bugs…Requiescat in pace 

I will think of you with every bean and tomato I don’t pick.      

…life is good. ~cath 
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