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snips and snails and puppy dog tails


My house is looking pretty ratty and rundown.  I haven’t painted in years, I need a new couch, new carpet, new ceilings, and to finish the remodeling that has been going on for the past 20 years or so.  We do have a new roof on our deck, and screen around it, so I guess that makes it a porch.  New cover for the hot tub should arrive soon, and two new fans to buy and install for the porch, then all I need is new furniture for the porch.

The inside of the house might be finished by the time I die.  I was getting pretty depressed about it, then my darling Stevie Wonder decided to give me a hand getting started with the redecorating on the inside.

He bathed the dogs.

Gabe the sleeping angel

These are not your average dogs.  They are Labrador Retrievers.  Anyone who has a Lab knows what I am talking about.  They look like this when they are little:

Gabe at 12 weeks old

And then they grow overnight into monsters.  Gabe weighs 100 pounds.  One hundred pounds of hard-headed determination.  When Steve told me he was bathing the dogs, I breathed a sigh of relief.  Labs tend to stink.  And ours are normally outdoor dogs, which means I don’t have them right under my feet.  Right now Caesar is recuperating from ear surgery (a grooming trip to the vet for the Labs and Biscuit, our other dog that ended up costing us about $850.00), and so we have to keep him in to do post op care every day. Caesar is a calm, well mannered Lab and weighs in at about 75 pounds.  We were getting along just fine until Steve decided he felt sorry for “poor little Gabe” and let him in too.  They were both freshly groomed, but started smelling like dogs, so he knew he had to fix that, or I would throw Gabe back in the yard.

And that is why he bathed them.

Still ok, until he told me (on the phone, because he didn’t want me to be too surprised) that while he bathed Caesar, after he had bathed Gabe, that Gabe had decided to give me a hand with the redecorating.

Redecorating done right always begins with painting.

I think you see where I am going with this.

I had leftover paint from the art samples I had done over the weekend for our studio in California.  And I had left the leftover paint on the palette laying out, because I planned to paint some more.

my art table

Gabe got there first.  This is what I came home to:

my wall

Gabe’s palette
my couch

This was the paintbrush he used:

Gabe’s paintbrush

And this is the look on his face when I gave him the stink eye:


waiting to be banished
You might think I threw him outside.  Steve’s cleaned up most of the evidence, but we are still finding brushstrokes everywhere.  His tail is still green.  And the artist in me appreciates his free spirited technique. 
I learned two things:
1. Labs are like a 2 year old…never ever leave anything where they can get to it.
2. Never underestimate what a Lab can do with his tail.  Especially when he spends most of his time wagging it.
My whole house resembles an Impressionist painting.  Monet would be proud.

And Gabe is still an inside dog.  For now.

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Author: cathy jones

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12 thoughts on “snips and snails and puppy dog tails

  1. Love it Cath, as the owner of a 4 1/2 month old, 75 lb, English Mastiff pup, I do understand the power of a wagging tail and the trouble it can wrought.

  2. Aren't you glad I brought you such an artistic puppy? LOVE GABE love the green!

  3. You are very cool. I would have been ballistic!

  4. It's just the price you pay for having dogs. I now have nothing at dog tail height. . . sort of like child-proofing the house, but doggy proofing. I've also learnt not to leave butter out. . .one of my other dogs was a huge fan of butter and would stand on her hind legs to eat the entire block if left out. Still, less damage than paint I guess. 🙂

  5. Mine are about 8 or 9 now and Gabriel still finds stuff to get into…or back into. 😀

  6. the fun is just beginning for you!

  7. (sarcastic tone) yarright Vix… 😀

  8. no use crying over spilled milk, or paint, I always say. 😀

  9. I would have been GLAD for Gabe to eat a pound of butter…he has been known to steal a whole roast beef off the stove in the past…

  10. You gotta hand it to Stevie Wonder for being so awesome as to help clean up and get rid of the evidence 🙂

  11. LOL! Pictures do convey the right emotions! 🙂

  12. It's the price you pay for the unconditional love of a dog – or so my 6 year old English Springer Spaniel tells me! Gabe is beautiful.

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